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Dongguan PowerYuan Wire Industry Co., .It is a company specializing in the production and sales of power cords, AC plugs, and power adapter products.

From the drawing of copper wires, to the extrusion of wires, to the forming of AC plugs, our integrated manufacturing model can provide you with professional and unique power cord products accurately and quickly.

As a manufacturer and distributor, it is our goal to produce practical, safe and assured power cords according to world quality standards. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been adhering to the quality policy of "customer requirements are the standard of quality". Advocate internally

The quality concept of "Quality is the life of an enterprise", and pay attention to the innovation of technology and management; while self-disciplined by the style of excellence, it also strengthens the sense of service of all employees externally! To provide customers with the most perfect products and the best quality service.

In today's green era, the pace of innovation has never stopped. Products that can bring customers higher energy, lower consumption, and more environmentally friendly life enjoyment have always been the direction of our continuous efforts. Grasp the global wire development trend, and always keep track of the latest research results of safety standards in countries around the world. The company has successively obtained wire safety certifications such as UL in the United States, P.S.E in Japan, KTL in South Korea, VDE in Europe, SAA in Australia, BS in the United Kingdom, SASO in Saudi Arabia, etc., and has always maintained a leading edge in the industry.

We know that today's quality is tomorrow's market, and only the affirmation and trust of customers can promote continuous growth and expansion. We firmly believe that the honest, pragmatic, optimistic and enterprising Liyuan people will work together to lead the industry, repay the society, and climb the peak of the power cord business!

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