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The power cord plug will be burnt reasons
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Poor contact will only flash, and the voltage will never exceed 220 volts. This is caused by excessive current or the diameter of the power cord is too small. The cause of excessive current is usually high-power heating appliances, such as rice cookers, electric stoves, and electric heaters.

If the power cord plug used is not the original factory configuration, and the wire diameter is too small, or if the overcurrent is too low when using the mobile socket, it will cause burning and even fire. For example, the plug is inserted into the plug-in board and the contact area is small and only a little bit, and the excessive current required is the main reason that the plug is burned!

If it is determined that the triangular plugs are all burned out, it is not recommended to continue using them. Even if it can be used, it is best to replace it. At the same time, check whether the electrical appliances are malfunctioning and the plugs are not damaged by ablation.

1. The electrical interface burning black is generally caused by arc sparking, and the incomplete contact area with the plug connection is too small, and the current is too concentrated during work.

2. The instant high temperature of arc ignition causes an oxide layer to form on the metal surface, which affects subsequent use. Prone to poor contact. Improper insertion will slowly heat up, and the heat will melt and burn black after heat accumulation. Due to the high temperature, the internal deformation and contact conditions have further deteriorated, and continued use is likely to cause damage to the electrical appliances. How to avoid plugs from being burnt: Pay attention to the power of electrical appliances when using plugs and sockets. Don't use one socket too concentrated. High-power electrical appliances are separated on different circuit sockets, and the load current is shared equally. The plug must match the socket. Do not mix different plug and socket types. The plug must be inserted firmly and as deep as possible to ensure good contact.

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