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Identify the quality of the power cord
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1. Look at the quality certificate of the home appliance. If the quality of the home appliance is qualified, then the quality of the power cord of the home appliance should also be inspected, and there will be no major problems.

2. Check the cross section of the wire. The surface of the copper core or aluminum core of the qualified product should have metallic luster. The black copper or white aluminum indicates that it has been oxidized and is a non-qualified product.

3. Look at the appearance of the power cord. The product whose insulation (sheath) layer is soft, flexible and flexible, the surface layer is tight, smooth, without roughness, and has pure gloss. The surface of the insulation (sheath) layer should be Clear and scratch-resistant markings, products made from informal insulating materials, the insulating layer feels transparent, brittle, and non-tough.

4. The core of the power cord is made of pure copper raw materials and has been strictly drawn, annealed, and stranded. The surface should be bright, smooth, free of burrs, tightness of the stranding, soft and tough, and not easy to break.

Five, depending on the length of the power cord, the length of the power cord required by the electrical appliances is different. It is best for the decoration owners to understand the length of the qualified power cord before purchasing, so that they can know what they are when purchasing electrical appliances.

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