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Common problems with plug power cords
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The plug power cord is a daily necessities in your career and daily tasks. The unique feature is home decoration, office and manufacturing lighting fixtures. The quality and safety of power plugs are relatively serious. Many fire accidents are caused by incorrect operation. Below, Junjian Network Editor will talk to everyone about the common problems of application plug power cords.

Application of plug power cord

1. When unplugging the power cord, you should hold the plug and remove the power cord. Don't just pull the wire, which will cause the copper wire inside the wire to break. The power cord of the plug cannot be pressed directly under the furniture or hanging objects to prevent the risk of damage.

2. During application, be careful not to tie it; because the plug power cord is tied, the heat is difficult to release, so the temperature rises and the plastic melts, causing the copper wire to short circuit and catch fire.

3. Prevent the plug and power cord from being placed on the stove, because the high temperature of the stove will melt the plastic and cause the copper wire to short-circuit and catch fire.

4. The plug power cord should be used under the allowable load capacity, and the power socket with a porous structure on the extension cord should be used with a leakage protector device or an overload protection device.

5. A damaged plug power cord that has been used for a long time may cause risks such as short circuit, power loss or induced current, and it should be upgraded immediately.

6. Is the plug power cord in the application caused by heat or odor? This is an overload condition, and the high-power household appliances should be stopped immediately to notify the welder to carry out the inspection.

7. A simple optimization algorithm to determine whether the plug power cord is a load: the sum of the electrical power required by the plug power cord/power voltage, the result is the estimated current, and compare it with the short-circuit capacity of the power socket, which should be lower than the short-circuit of the power socket capacity

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