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What are the elements that endanger the safety factor of the power cord plug
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Labeling is an important part of marking everyone's proper installation, application and overhaul, and it is a vital testing standard content to ensure personal safety and financial security. Plug and socket products should be marked with the rated voltage, rated current, switching power supply characteristics, etc. in a prominent place. In addition, converters (converters refer to portable electrical accessories with only one plug part and one or more socket parts) products should be marked with "MAX (or larger)" to indicate the rated voltage/or output power. To specifically guide customers to prevent overload applications. The signs or symbols should be strong, durable, and legible. Do not use the screen-printing ink and mountain stone stickers that can be erased casually.

Rated value

The rated value is the main parameter of the most basic electrical equipment exchange and mutual cooperation to ensure that the plug socket, the converter and the connected electrical equipment are all normal, safe, and mutually compatible. For example, the rated voltage of the converter must not exceed the rated value of a part of the plug. Otherwise, it will cause the customer to choose the power equipment according to the rated voltage of the socket, the plug overcurrent will become hot and cause risks; the minimum rating of the converter with circuit breaker and overload protection device should be equivalent to that of the circuit breaker and overload protection device Marked rating. Otherwise, goods will be destroyed.



The specification is a key technical standard related to whether plugs, sockets and converters can be used safely, and whether to consider universal interchangeability regulations to prevent accidental insertion. Failure to comply with the specifications will endanger customer applications or cause poor contact, mis-insertion and other safety hazards, from the damage of machinery and equipment, to the fire and safety accidents.

Prevent electric shock maintenance

Electric shock prevention maintenance is an important safety index value to ensure that plugs, sockets and converters are not likely to cause safety accidents to customers and others under all normal application conditions, and even some unexpected conditions. When the plug is connected to all or part of the ground socket of the socket, the induction electrification position of the plug should not be touched; any plug of the plug should not be able to be inserted into the live socket of the socket when the other plug is in touch . Plug sockets and converters with maintenance doors should be able to avoid single pole or probe insertion.


The socket part of the socket must have sufficient ductility to ensure sufficient contact pressure on the plug. The plug sleeve should be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant to ensure that the plug and the socket are in good contact; the plug of the plug should be locked and cannot be rotated, otherwise it will harm the insertion characteristics and cause unsafe elements; the converter has copper wires Positioning device to ensure that the copper wire is fixed and can withstand all normal tensile forces and torques; when plugs and sockets are inserted, the middle of the mating surface should be firmly established to avoid safety accidents.

Power plug

The power plug must have a sufficient cross section to ensure that the power plug is not easy to get hot and cause damage to the insulation layer, which may lead to short-circuit failure, fire, power failure, and safety accidents. For example, the cross-section of the power plug of a universal 250V, 10A converter should be greater than or equal to 0.75mm2.

Impact toughness

Plugs and sockets must have sufficient impact toughness to withstand various mechanical equipment ground stresses caused by drops, impacts, extrusions, etc. during the entire process of installation and application; sockets with maintenance doors should be able to Avoid unipolar insertion.

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